Thursday, January 17

germ 病菌

• germ (病菌) 是"廣義"的指會讓人生病的微生物。細菌與病毒都算是 germ 的一種。
The word “germ” is a catch all phrase that can mean any microscopic particle that can cause illness in humans. In modern times, the term “germ” isn’t widely used in formal science. Viruses and bacteria are types of germs.

• 細菌是微小且單細胞的有機體: 單數 bacterium,複數 bacteria。一般用複數形式 bacteria
Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms.

• virus (病毒): 病毒不是細菌,體積比細菌還小,甚至似乎不能算是生物/有機體,因為科學家爭論著病毒算不算是活的。
There is some debate amongst scientists as to whether or not viruses are actually alive or not.

germ 病菌
• spread 散佈/傳播/擴散

er:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#16第2個拼字字群

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