Friday, July 31

the silent alphabet (不發音的字母)

不發音的字母 silent alphabet

• kn的k不發音〔kn:「麻辣字母拼讀卡」(小卡大卡)第2張第6個字母組合發音;「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#8第4個拼字字群〕
knee, kneel, knead, know, knew, known, knowledge, knit, knot, knob, knock, knuckle, knife, knight, knack

• wr的w不發音〔wr:「麻辣字母拼讀卡」(小卡大卡)第3張第3個字母組合發音;「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#7第6個拼字字群〕
write, wrap, wrack, wrath, wrist, wring, wrinkle, wreck, wrench, wrestle, wreak, wreath, wriggle, wry, awry, wrote, wrong

• mb的b不發音〔mb:「麻辣字母拼讀卡」(小卡大卡)第2張第4個字母組合發音〕
lamb, limb, climb, numb, dumb, thumb, crumb, succumb, plumb, plumber, plumbing, bomb, comb, tomb


know (k), wrong (w), hour (h), honest (h), heir (h), psalm (p), psyche (p), pneumonia (p), gnaw (g), gnu (g), muscle (c), castle (t), aisle (s), island (s), Wednesday (d), handkerchief (d), receipt (p), debt (b), plumber (b), answer (w), guess (u), guard (u), people (o), leopard (o), give (e), friend (i), two (w), sword (w), indictment (c)

可以用「麻辣拼盤 ABC」來玩這遊戲。把單字拼出,讓小朋友選出不發音的字母。


Wednesday, July 29

flamingo 紅鶴

Why do flamingos stand on one leg? 為什麼紅鶴單腳站立?
紅鶴單腳站立 flamingos stand on one leg

• 紅鶴經常單腳站立,捲縮一隻腳在身體裡,保持腳的溫暖及保存身體的熱。

• flamingo 複數可以是 flamingos 或 flamingoes (加s或es都可以)


Wednesday, July 22

mushroom 香菇/蘑菇

mushroom 香菇 蘑菇

oo:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#15第6個拼字字群

sh:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#9第2個拼字字群

Tuesday, July 21

比較級 & 最高級

比較級 最高級 comparative superlative

用 「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#16第2個拼字字群(er)及編號#20第2個拼字字群(est)練習〈er 比較級〉和〈est 最高級〉。

1. 通常直接在字尾加 er (比較級) / est (最高級)
fast faster fastest, narrow narrower narrowest, straight straighter straightest, tall taller tallest, small smaller smallest, smart smarter smartest, dark darker darkest, warm warmer warmest, fair fairer fairest, fresh fresher freshest, great greater greatest, quick quicker quickest, sick sicker sickest, thick thicker thickest, rich richer richest, deep deeper deepest, mean meaner meanest, clean cleaner cleanest, near nearer nearest, kind kinder kindest, high higher highest, light lighter lightest, bright brighter brightest, strong stronger strongest, old older oldest, cold colder coldest, low lower lowest, slow slower slowest, long longer longest, soft softer softest, short shorter shortest, loud louder loudest, round rounder roundest, soon sooner soonest, smooth smoother smoothest, poor poorer poorest, full fuller fullest, few fewer fewest, new newer newest

2. 形容詞字尾是e:只要加 r (*er 比較級) / st (*est 最高級)
large larger largest, nice nicer nicest, wide wider widest, wise wiser wisest

3. 一音節的形容詞,單一母音字母+一個子音字尾:重複子音字尾,再加 er (比較級) / est (最高級)
mad madder maddest, sad sadder saddest, big bigger biggest, hot hotter hottest

4. 形容詞字尾為y:把y改為i,再加 er (比較級) / est (最高級)
happy happier happiest, busy busier busiest, pretty prettier prettiest, healthy healthier healthiest, funny funnier funniest, lucky luckier luckiest, early earlier easiest

* 也請看「麻辣字母拼讀卡」(小卡大卡)第19張第2個字母組合發音(er)及第26張第1個字母組合發音(est)

* 字尾加 er 也可以是: 做這個動作的人(或東西),見


三個音節或三個音節以上,在形容詞前加 more (比較級) / most (最高級)
important -> more important -> most important
expensive -> more expensive -> most expensive


good -> better -> best
bad -> worse -> worst
little -> less -> least
much -> more -> most
far -> further/farther -> furthest/farthest

* less 和 lesser 都是比較級,用法可查字典。

Saturday, July 18

hot dog 熱狗

hot dog 熱狗


Friday, July 17

What ship is not a ship?

ship 船

friendship, hardship, censorship, membership, ownership, chairmanship, sponsorship, sportsmanship, scholarship, fellowship, companionship, ... 都不是 ship

sh:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#9第2個拼字字群

㋡ ship (船) & spaceship (太空船) 是 ship

Thursday, July 16

"you and I" vs. "you and me"

you and i versus you and me pronouns 代名詞

"you and I" 主詞/述語名詞
"you and me" 受詞

• The two persons chosen are you and I.
• They have chosen you and me.


"you and I" 主詞/述語名詞

• You and I will meet again.
• You and I must thank them.
• You and I should spend more time together.
• Among the finalists were you and I.
• They are not so tall as you and I are.
• John is much taller than you and I are.
• John received a better score than you and I received.


"you and me" 受詞
介系詞 for, to, by, between, like, from 後面的代名詞要用受詞。

• They need more people like you and me.
• The reward is for you and me.
• That is good for you and me.
• Did they save a seat for you and me?
• She wants to talk to you and me.
• The new student will sit next to you and me.
• The correct answers were given by you and me.
Between you and me, I think he's wrong.
• Keep this secret between you and me.
• Start from you and me — take action to protect our planet.

* 莎士比亞 (Shakespeare) 用 "between you and I",但是文法老師會要你用 “between you and me”。

Saturday, July 11

seahorse 海馬

seahorse 海馬


or:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#16第4個拼字字群

Sunday, July 5

美式英文 vs. 英式英文

American English
usa 美國 us american
British English
uk 英國 british
兩星期two weeksfortnight
炸薯條French frieschips
炸馬鈴薯片potato chipscrisps


英文單字 (美式英文 VS. 英式英文)

minimize (美) vs. minimise (英)