Saturday, November 28

nose & knows

Homophones (同音異義): nose, knows
knows nose 同音異義 homophone

kn = /n/ (kn的k不發音)
kn:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#8第4個拼字字群

o_e 發“長母音o”的音

Friday, November 20

Thanksgiving: giving thanks

Thanksgiving: giving thanks (感恩節 → 給予感謝)

Thank someone:
“Thank the moon, thank the sun.
Most of all, thank someone.
Thank the stars high above,
One for everyone you love.”

感恩節 感謝 謝謝 thanksgiving give thanks
Giving thanks every day

Wednesday, November 18

Thanksgiving & turkey (感恩節與火雞)

“感恩節”又叫“火雞節” (Turkey Day);火雞其實不喜歡。
感恩節 火雞 thanksgiving turkey turkeys
感恩節 火雞 thanksgiving turkey gobble 火雞的叫聲 咯咯叫 狼吞虎嚥 大口吞吃

The Little Girl and the Turkey (by Dorothy Aldis)

The little girl said
As she asked for more:
"But what is the Turkey
Thankful for?"

Point of View (by Shel Silverstein)

Thanksgiving dinner's sad and thankless
Christmas dinner's dark and blue
When you stop and try to see it
From the turkey's point of view.

Sunday dinner isn't sunny
Easter feasts are just bad luck
When you see it from the viewpoint
Of a chicken or a duck.

Oh how I once loved tuna salad
Pork and lobsters, lamb chops too
Till I stopped and looked at dinner
From the dinner's point of view.

turkey 火雞; Turkey 土耳其
ur:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#16第5個拼字字群
ey:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#11第6個拼字字群

Peanuts comic strip 花生漫畫 (1)
Peanuts comic strip 花生漫畫 (2)
Peanuts comic strip 花生漫畫 (3)
Peanuts comic strip 花生漫畫 (4)

Saturday, November 14

flying saucer 飛碟

• saucer 茶托;淺碟;淺碟形物
• flying saucer 飛碟
astronaut flying saucer 太空人 飛碟 茶托 淺碟

au:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#15第2個拼字字群

Friday, November 13

go far, go together

go fast go alone go far go together 結伴同行走得遠 非洲諺語

ar:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#16第1個拼字字群

Wednesday, November 11

fair & square (光明正大)

fair & square:公平, 公正, 光明正大, 不耍手腕
air 和 are 發音相同
fair and square 公平 公正 正大光明 光明正大 不耍手腕 俚語

air, are:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#18第1個和第2個拼字字群
air, are:「麻辣字母拼讀卡」(小卡大卡)第21張第1個和第2個字母組合發音

Tuesday, November 10

Abraham Lincoln 林肯

亞伯拉罕 林肯 美國總統 名言 abraham lincoln quotes

亞伯拉罕· 林肯 (1809 – 1865) (美國第十六任總統)

Sunday, November 8

bottle 瓶子; bottleneck 瓶頸

neck (瓶,壺等的)頸,脖子
bottleneck 瓶頸 / 障礙物;隘路
bottle 瓶子

ck:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#3第6個拼字字群

Saturday, November 7

milk truck 牛奶車

horn 角;觸角 / 喇叭 / 號角
牛奶車 milk truck

or:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#16第4個拼字字群

Friday, November 6

garbage truck 垃圾車

fly 飛/蒼蠅
flies 飛(動詞第三人稱單數)/ 蒼蠅(複數)
(把y改為i,再加 es)
garbage truck 垃圾車

ar:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#16第1個拼字字群

Monday, November 2

open a book

open a book wings 打開書本 閱讀 知識 飛翔 翅膀

ing:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#12第6個拼字字群

Sunday, November 1

birds & winter

birds fly south winter 鳥冬天飛往南方

al:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#15第1個拼字字群