Thursday, July 16

"you and I" vs. "you and me"

you and i versus you and me pronouns 代名詞

"you and I" 主詞/述語名詞
"you and me" 受詞

• The two persons chosen are you and I.
• They have chosen you and me.


"you and I" 主詞/述語名詞

• You and I will meet again.
• You and I must thank them.
• You and I should spend more time together.
• Among the finalists were you and I.
• They are not so tall as you and I are.
• John is much taller than you and I are.
• John received a better score than you and I received.


"you and me" 受詞
介系詞 for, to, by, between, like, from 後面的代名詞要用受詞。

• They need more people like you and me.
• The reward is for you and me.
• That is good for you and me.
• Did they save a seat for you and me?
• She wants to talk to you and me.
• The new student will sit next to you and me.
• The correct answers were given by you and me.
Between you and me, I think he's wrong.
• Keep this secret between you and me.
• Start from you and me — take action to protect our planet.

* 莎士比亞 (Shakespeare) 用 "between you and I",但是文法老師會要你用 “between you and me”。

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