Wednesday, January 1

circle 圓

圓有幾個邊 circle sides inside outside

圓有幾個邊? 兩個:內邊和外邊。

◉ 圓沒有邊。A circle does not have any sides as it's made up of arcs, creating a continuous line that meets at two ends.

• side 邊 / 面
• inside 裡面 / 內部
• outside 外面 / 外部

ir:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#16第3個拼字字群


Jumble Spelling #16 (16-3: ir)
• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #19 (19-3: ir)

• ABC Fun Cards (small) (large) #20 (20-6: le)

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