Friday, December 1

knead & need (同音異義)

• need 需要
• knead 揉(麵糰、黏土等),捏
• baker 麵包(糕點)師/麵包師傅/麵包糕點師傅

dough 麵糰 knead 揉捏 need 需要 homophones 同音異義字

kn 發音 /n/(kn的k不發音)
kn:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#8第4個拼字字群
ea:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#13第3個拼字字群
ee:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#13第4個拼字字群


㋡ What did the bread dough say to the baker? It's nice to be kneaded.
㋡ What did the baker say to the bread? I knead you.

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