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傷風感冒 cold(s) 及 流行性感冒 flu

cold 傷風感冒 flue 流行性感冒

There's still no cure for the common cold, which can be caused by any of more than 200 viruses. Antibiotics won't help a flu or cold: They treat bacterial infections, not viruses.

● 如果傷風感冒了:溫鹽水漱口;瑜伽鼻壺加蒸餾鹽水清鼻;洗熱水澡。紫錐花錠/維他命C/鋅錠可縮短傷風感冒期,但無法避免感冒。
For a cold. Rest, drink liquids, gargle with warm salt water, and use a neti pot to flush the nose with distilled saltwater; suck on nonmedicated lozenges or swallow a bit of honey (don't give lozenges to young kids or honey to babies under 1 year old); and take a bath or shower to let warm, moist air loosen phlegm. Echinacea, vitamin C, or zinc lozenges might shorten the duration of a cold, but they won't keep you from getting sick.

● 如果感染了流行性感冒:休息及喝水。
For the flu. Rest and drink fluids.

√ 多洗手,少用手揉眼、鼻,可減少感染感冒的機會。
Wash your hands to stop spread of cold germs. When people sneeze or cough, the germs that are making them sick are expelled into the air in tiny droplets. These droplets can get onto your hands. If you touch your mouth, eyes or nose, you may be infected.

(參考文章來源: 讀 Consumer Reports 全文)

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