lily pad, lily, Lily

lily pad 睡蓮的漂浮葉 百合花 Lily 莉莉

• lily pad 睡蓮的漂浮葉
• lily 百合花
• Lily 莉莉
(現代青蛙大概喜歡 iPad 勝過於 lily pad)

ly 可以做副詞或形容詞字尾;副詞大多以 ly 做字尾

ly:「麻辣拼盛 Spelling」編號#19第4個拼字字群

ly: suffix used to form adverbs (副詞大多以 ly 做字尾)
absolutely, accurately, actually, anxiously, badly, basically, gradually, naturally, famously, frankly, randomly, rapidly, exactly, handsomely, thankfully, apparently, miraculously, unanimously, sporadically, systematically, lately, safely, gravely, amazingly, simultaneously, vainly, aimlessly, patiently, vaguely, strangely, fairly, unfairly, barely, rarely, carefully, carelessly, sparingly, unsparingly, partly, quarterly, calmly, cautiously, helpfully, terribly, cleverly, definitely, indefinitely, regularly, especially, effectively, eventually, directly, indirectly, relatively, tentatively, accidentally, extensively, technically, intentionally, consecutively, effortlessly, endlessly, really, eagerly, neatly, repeatedly, dearly, clearly, cheerfully, freely, deeply, evenly, completely, immediately, frequently, previously, recently, seriously, merely, sincerely, nearly, fearlessly, typically, officially, efficiently, briskly, swiftly, quickly, vividly, willingly, differently, literally, instantly, instinctively, scientifically, explicitly, assiduously, ridiculously, deliberately, unwittingly, nicely, wisely, silently, entirely, tirelessly, rightly, rightfully, slightly, finally, kindly, wryly, oddly, honestly, obviously, optionally, promptly, consequently, consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously, periodically, ironically, chronically, coldly, solely, openly, overly, , hopelessly, hopefully, joyfully, slowly, locally, totally, , mostly, socially, appropriately, shortly, fortunately, loudly, proudly, roughly, bluntly, abruptly, suddenly, subsequently, ultimately, publicly, usually, uniformly, beautifully, surely, maturely, certainly, perfectly, personally, overtly, inadvertently, firmly, firstly, virtually, urgently, currently, concurrently, wordlessly, thoroughly, happily, necessarily, heavily, easily, busily, luckily, voluntarily, gently, simply, favorably, preferably, possibly, probably, constantly, truly, unduly

(Some adjectives formed by adding -ly to nouns are also used as adverbs.) [形容詞與副詞同型]
early, hourly, daily, nightly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, yearly, worldly

(adjectives ending in -ly)[字尾是 ly 的形容詞]
elderly, friendly, unfriendly, smelly, deadly, heavenly, measly, silly, chilly, timely, untimely, likely, unlikely, unsightly, lively, lovely, bodily, holy, homely, lonely, costly, oily, orderly, disorderly, cowardly, ugly, curly


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